Weekly Workout | Basics Series

Weekly Workout | Basics Series

4 Episodes

Get your mat ready for your full class Basics workout! This is a full class series where you will be putting all those beginner exercises into action. Perfect for progressing through your practise!

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Weekly Workout | Basics Series
  • Weekly Workout | Beginner Flow No.1

    Episode 1

    We’ve got a little more time now to take you through this WEEKLY workout. You’ll get the benefit of doing all of those beginner exercises in a full class. Amy will give you a few more tricks in class to help you understand the exercises more as you flow through and as always throw a few little te...

  • Weekly Workout | Beginner Flow No.2

    Episode 2

    Here we go with a WEEKLY WORKOUT. Make sure you find time in your week for this 40 min session. We start by getting you warmed up with THE HUNDRED and flow through those beginner exercises. We’ve added the rolling exercises that feel so good on your back (make sure you have a thick mat to roll on...

  • Weekly Workout | Beginner Flow No.3

    Episode 3

    Here we go with a WEEKLY WORKOUT. This week's session is all about making those legs feel long, lean and light as Amy teaches you how to connect your leg to your back. We will focus on this feeling of making the leg lighter all the way through the session. Don’t worry you won’t be missing out on...

  • Weekly Workout | Beginner Flow No.4

    Episode 4

    Here we are with a full beginner flow session for you! We have worked on the lower body reach and how the arms connect to the back. In today's session we combine the two together to work from the centre in both directions! We call this the 2-Way Stretch! If you can find the 2-Way Stretch in ever...