Quick 5 | Intermediate Series

Quick 5 | Intermediate Series

6 Episodes

This series is for anyone wanting a quick refresh of the intermediate moves. Do it every day to get those intermediate exercises in your body and memory. Then head on over to a 'Do It In 10' or a 'Daily workout'!

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Quick 5 | Intermediate Series
  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.1

    Episode 1

    Let’s move a little quicker with the intermediate exercises. We will get your body warm in all directions as we do the hundred, roll up and the roll over. Add a little stability of the one leg circle and then roll out the back again with rolling like a ball and the seal. These exercises will warm...

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.2

    Episode 2

    We are going to use this Quick 5 to get a little stretch today! Let’s go straight to the Rollup as we warm up the whole of your body – reach for those toes as you scoop the abdominals in and up. Then we get to stretch the back and hamstrings in your rollover. Finally, the Swan which lifts and str...

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.3

    Episode 3

    A quick warm up with the Hundred and we are straight into the Rollover today. We then extend into the Swan before the challenge of the thigh stretch. We have time for a quick teaser one leg before we swim our way home!

    Amy x

    Swan Prep
    Thigh Stretch
    Teaser One Leg

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.4

    Episode 4

    Get ready for a fantastic flow in this Quick 5. We’ll ROLL UP into the ROLL OVER and challenge your balance with the OPEN LEG ROCKER. The fun continues as we twist in the SAW. Finally, you get to lengthen and extend with the SWIMMING! You will feel like you’ve had a full body massage in just 5 mi...

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.5

    Episode 5

    Here we go with a leg kicking, lengthening session! The SINGLE LEG KICK and DOUBLE LEG KICK are going to stretch the hips and lengthen the thighs. You’ll get a stretch for the entire body, then we add the THIGH STRETCH for that extra length. We’ll finish the session with hip and back stretch in t...

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.6

    Episode 6

    We love the flow of the SIDE KICK SERIES to help lengthen the legs and stretch those hips open. And with all that stretch the TEASERS should feel light in the legs. We love it when the TEASER feels super easy and flowy. Let’s finish the session with the Seal for that added back massage!

    Amy x