Quick 5 | Basics Series

Quick 5 | Basics Series

4 Episodes

This series is for anyone wanting a quick refresh of the basic moves. Do it every day to get those basic exercises in your body and memory. Then head on over to a Do it in 10 or a Daily workout!

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Quick 5 | Basics Series
  • Quick 5 | Basics No.1

    Episode 1

    Let's move through this Quick 5 and discover what it's like to do those first few moves back to back. You’ll notice how well they flow together but with a nice pace you will definitely get a challenge! What an awesome way to warm up the body as well – a great intro to any of our Do it in 10 class...

  • Quick 5 | Basics No.2

    Episode 2

    You’ve learnt a few more beginners' exercises and should be ready to put them together now in this quick 5 BASICS 2. Remember your fundamentals as you flow through the first few exercises from the basics 1. Then we add in the stretch of the SPINE STRETCH FORWARD before challenging your balance in...

  • Quick 5 | Basics No.3

    Episode 3

    Can’t wait to get moving then try this QUICK 5 to wake up your muscles! We warm you up and stretch you with the roll up and then straight to the challenge of rolling like a ball! Once your body is all warmed up and rolled up, we challenge those abdominals with a quick set of ab series. And did yo...

  • Quick 5 | Basics No.4

    Episode 4

    Let's wake you up with the Hundred and stretch that spine with the Roll up before heading to the side kick series in this QUICK 5. Let's use the Side Kick Series today to stretch those hips and hamstrings – make sure you lead with the abdominals as you stretch your leg out behind you so that you ...