Latest Releases

Latest Releases

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Latest Releases
  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.1

    Get ready for the added challenge as we introduce the Intermediate exercises. In today's session we add the DOUBLE LEG LOWER LIFT and the CRISS CROSS to complete the ABDOMINAL SERIES. This really focuses you into feeling those abs in every move. I’ve added in more extension exercises with the SIN...

  • Back In Shape | Basics No.6

    Here we are with the last workout in our Basics series. What an amazing 12 weeks of sessions we have had! There is no Abdominal Series today (I can hear the sigh of relief!) BUT we will be focusing on adding in the Teaser One and using this to challenge the abdominals. As we head towards our Inte...

  • How To... | Leg Pull Front

    Time to keep the whole body connected from head to heel in the Leg Pull Front. The shoulders and hips stay square as you reach the leg back and forth. Make sure you reach the leg from the abdominals as you challenge the balance in your hips!

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    Leg Pull Front

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.3

    A quick warm up with the Hundred and we are straight into the Rollover today. We then extend into the Swan before the challenge of the thigh stretch. We have time for a quick teaser one leg before we swim our way home!

    Amy x

    Swan Prep
    Thigh Stretch
    Teaser One Leg

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.1

    Here we go with the first of our Do it in 10 Advanced Flow! You should be familiar with all the advanced moves before trying this workout as the pace will be quicker and the moves require more strength and stamina. We’ve got the hundred, Roll up and rollovers for you before we challenge the spine...

  • Daily Workout | Basics No.4

    Here we go with a DAILY WORKOUT. In this week’s session we focus on getting a stretch going as we flow through the workout. Amy will teach you how to find a stretch in every exercise from the roll up to the spine stretch forward and all the way through to the side kick series. Find a different fe...