Latest Releases

Latest Releases

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Latest Releases
  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.4

    We’ve got lots of new exercises to add into this Advanced Flow workout! All of these exercises are going to require more strength in the shoulders, hips and abdominals. I hope you are ready to feel the pace pick up and the challenge! We are adding the KNEELING SIDE KICK SERIES and the SIDE BEND f...

  • How To... | Jack Knife

    We love the Jack Knife as it starts to build strength in the inverted position. You’ll see the basics of this move in so many other exercises in the system. So best learn how to do this properly if you want to super advance your practise. Remember to learn the Roll Over first before attempting th...

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.3

    We’ve been building up to this moment for a long time now and finally we get to add the SWAN DIVE into your workout! Remember to keep the back long and REACH, REACH, REACH out of those arms to create that amazing long stretch! I can’t wait to hear how you all fly in this move! We finish the worko...

  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.6

    We made it to the final video in your Back In Shape | Intermediate Series! In today's session we will flow through all the intermediate exercises, the ROLL OVER, CORKSCREW TWO, OPEN LEG ROCKER and the MERMAID. I’ve also added a variation for your transition to get into your Teaser. So, enjoy the ...

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.3

    A quick warm up with the Hundred and we are straight into the Rollover today. We then extend into the Swan before the challenge of the thigh stretch. We have time for a quick teaser one leg before we swim our way home!

    Amy x

    Swan Prep
    Thigh Stretch
    Teaser One Leg

  • Daily Workout | Basics No.4

    Here we go with a DAILY WORKOUT. In this week’s session we focus on getting a stretch going as we flow through the workout. Amy will teach you how to find a stretch in every exercise from the roll up to the spine stretch forward and all the way through to the side kick series. Find a different fe...