Latest Releases

Latest Releases

At EPTv, our mission is to continually bring you fresh new content so our clients can grow with us. As always, feel free to contact EPTv with anything you’d like to see us cover or how to improve YOUR experience.
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Latest Releases
  • Update | Dec ’21

    The Team at EPTv would like to say a BIG thank you for all the ROLL UPs, ROLLOVERs, TEASERs and PUSH UPs you have been doing with us online in 2021. I love to hear your stories over at EverybodyPilatesTV on Facebook – Thanks so much for sharing! We are already planning the new workouts for the ne...

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.6

    We love the flow of the SIDE KICK SERIES to help lengthen the legs and stretch those hips open. And with all that stretch the TEASERS should feel light in the legs. We love it when the TEASER feels super easy and flowy. Let’s finish the session with the Seal for that added back massage!

    Amy x

  • Quick 5 | Intermediate No.5

    Here we go with a leg kicking, lengthening session! The SINGLE LEG KICK and DOUBLE LEG KICK are going to stretch the hips and lengthen the thighs. You’ll get a stretch for the entire body, then we add the THIGH STRETCH for that extra length. We’ll finish the session with hip and back stretch in t...

  • How To... | High Bicycle

    Just when you think the HIGH SCISSORS were hard enough, we then add in the HIGH BICYCLE! With the same focus in body position and opposition we now challenge with the cycling of the legs. See how far you can reach as you ultimately try to get your toes to touch the floor. You’ll need to work on t...

  • How To... | High Scissors

    What an amazing challenge the HIGH SCISSORS are! You are going to need great upper back extension to keep the weight of the body off of the wrists. Think opposition as your legs reach in one direction and your energy stretches away in the other direction. It’s the perfect balance of stretch, stre...

  • Daily Workout | Basics No.6

    Here we go with a beginner workout with the Power Circle! The Power Circle is a great way to make sure you are really working those connections! For the upper body we use the power circle to work the arm/back connection whilst in the lower body it works the inner thighs and glutes. Find out how w...