How To... | Tutorial Series

How To... | Tutorial Series

43 Episodes

These tutorials are your go to place for learning all your exercises. Amy takes you through all 34 exercises and shows you the best techniques to use to make your practise safe and fun.

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How To... | Tutorial Series
  • How To... | Single Leg Kick

    Episode 25

    Time to see if we can stabilise those hips with the Single Leg Kick. You will need to lengthen the spine and abdominals away from the hips as you kick to get the full benefit of the stretch here. We will get the spine feeling long and relaxed and the hips strong and stable. The best way to stretc...

  • How To... | Double Leg Kick

    Episode 26

    The Double Leg Kick is going to strengthen the whole of your back body whilst stretching the entire front body! It feels so good. As you lift and lengthen the legs away, we also get the stretch in the hips and abdominals. Remember to keep relaxed so you get the most out of the spine movement!


  • How To... | Teaser Two & Three

    Episode 27

    Just when you are getting used to the Teaser One we start to add in the extra challenge of Teaser Two and Three. Try to use your upper body reach and lower body reach equally as we play with the movements. Make sure you get that perfect c-curve in your up position and try not to feel it in the th...

  • How To... | Leg Pull Front

    Episode 28

    Time to keep the whole body connected from head to heel in the Leg Pull Front. The shoulders and hips stay square as you reach the leg back and forth. Make sure you reach the leg from the abdominals as you challenge the balance in your hips!

    Amy x

    Leg Pull Front

  • How To... | Leg Pull Back

    Episode 29

    This advanced move is a challenge for anyone with tight hips but it's worth it I promise! You will need to build strength in the arms and back as well as the abdominals to perform the leg kick in this exercise. But don’t worry if you’ve been building up to these with the other exercises it will a...

  • How To... | Corkscrew Three

    Episode 30

    Here we go with another advancement of the CORKSCREW! We challenge you by adding in the full lift of the hips and the lengthening of the back up to the ceiling before you start the roll back down to mat. The twist of the hips now starts halfway down the roll down and continues as you reach those ...

  • How To... | Neck Pull

    Episode 31

    The Neck Pull is the Older Brother of the Roll Up! Here we have a similar movement pattern but with the added challenge of the hands behind the head. This changes your centre of gravity and makes the move that little more difficult. Add in the forward movement of the Spine Stretch Forward and you...

  • How To... | Jack Knife

    Episode 32

    We love the Jack Knife as it starts to build strength in the inverted position. You’ll see the basics of this move in so many other exercises in the system. So best learn how to do this properly if you want to super advance your practise. Remember to learn the Roll Over first before attempting th...

  • How To... | Shoulder Bridge

    Episode 33

    Time to take the Shoulder Bridge to the full version with back extension and hip opening. We have prepared you with the Shoulder Bridge Prep but now we get to the advanced move we add in more to the movement. Let’s bend the back to get that spine moving and reach those legs long out of those hips...

  • How To... | Kneeling Side Kicks

    Episode 34

    We love the side kick series on the floor, so this version gives us even more of a challenge. You now have to keep the stability of the upper body as you kick the leg back and forth. Lifting the leg is going to be that little more difficult now so let’s keep building the strength in those hips. T...

  • How To... | Hip Circles

    Episode 35

    Just when you think you have made it through the TEASERS we add the challenge of the HIP CIRCLES! We love this added extra but it does add that extra bit of work for you. Remember to keep the arms connected into the back and think about the way you move your legs from your back like the Double l...

  • How To... | Swan Dive

    Episode 36

    Are you ready to take the SWAN DIVE to its full potential? By now you will have worked on lots of exercises that are designed to help you build your flexibility and strength in extension. These will all of helped you prepare for the full SWAN DIVE. Take your back into full extension, Stretch the...

  • How To... | Side Bend

    Episode 37

    Get ready to challenge your shoulder stability and side body strength in the SIDE BEND. We love this exercise as you get to build up the strength in your shoulder girdle as well as get a brilliant stretch through the hip! It requires a little practise to balance on the feet but once you get the m...

  • How To... | Boomerang

    Episode 38

    We love the feel of this exercise! It brings together three of our favourite exercises into the one challenging move! Get ready to combine the ROLL-OVER, TEASER and SPINE STRETCH FORWARD.

    As you roll and flow from one position to another you should be able to hold and control each shape. You’l...

  • How To... | Crab

    Episode 39

    The CRAB is going to appear after the SEAL as it keeps up the rolling and massaging movement. This exercise will stretch the back and lift you out of your hips. It can be tough to start with if you have tightness in your low back and hips BUT with a little bit of practise, you’ll soon see the imp...

  • How To... | Rocking

    Episode 40

    The final extension exercise in your Matwork order comes with the ROCKING! The added challenge is that you are now having to hold onto your feet and lift from your hips and back. You are going to need to have worked on your back extension in the SWAN as well as hip extension from the SIDE KICK SE...

  • How To... | Control Balance

    Episode 41

    The CONTROL BALANCE is here to test you right at the end of your matwork! You are going to need all of the lift and length that you can find to keep those hips and legs reaching up high. Make sure that you have a great JACKKNIFE and CORKSCREW before you try this exercise. Let's see how high you c...

  • How To... | High Scissors

    Episode 42

    What an amazing challenge the HIGH SCISSORS are! You are going to need great upper back extension to keep the weight of the body off of the wrists. Think opposition as your legs reach in one direction and your energy stretches away in the other direction. It’s the perfect balance of stretch, stre...

  • How To... | High Bicycle

    Episode 43

    Just when you think the HIGH SCISSORS were hard enough, we then add in the HIGH BICYCLE! With the same focus in body position and opposition we now challenge with the cycling of the legs. See how far you can reach as you ultimately try to get your toes to touch the floor. You’ll need to work on t...