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How To... | Tutorial Series

How To... | Teaser Two & Three

Episode 27 • 5m 31s

Up Next in Season 1

  • How To... | Leg Pull Front

    Time to keep the whole body connected from head to heel in the Leg Pull Front. The shoulders and hips stay square as you reach the leg back and forth. Make sure you reach the leg from the abdominals as you challenge the balance in your hips!

    Amy x

    Leg Pull Front

  • How To... | Leg Pull Back

    This advanced move is a challenge for anyone with tight hips but it's worth it I promise! You will need to build strength in the arms and back as well as the abdominals to perform the leg kick in this exercise. But don’t worry if you’ve been building up to these with the other exercises it will a...

  • How To... | Corkscrew Three

    Here we go with another advancement of the CORKSCREW! We challenge you by adding in the full lift of the hips and the lengthening of the back up to the ceiling before you start the roll back down to mat. The twist of the hips now starts halfway down the roll down and continues as you reach those ...