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  • How To... | Roll Up

    THE ROLL UP has it all! It's going to strengthen your abdominals throughout its movement as well as get into those tight spots in your body from your back to your hamstrings! It’s a full body stretch and strength move! It might be one of those exercises that’s a bit tough for you to start with so...

  • How To... | One Leg Circle

    THE ONE LEG CIRCLE has all the features of a great challenge! First we have to learn how to lift the leg from the floor whilst making it feel light and keeping it straight! Then we have to keep those hips steady as we circle the leg over and around the body. Whether you have tight hamstrings or n...

  • How To... | Single Leg Pull

    You are going to love the abdominal series and its challenge on those abs. Here we take you through the first move of the series of 5. It's going to make your abdominals work and teach you how to hold those arms and legs from that strong centre. Remember we want the middle to be working hard so t...