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  • How To... | Corkscrew Three

    Here we go with another advancement of the CORKSCREW! We challenge you by adding in the full lift of the hips and the lengthening of the back up to the ceiling before you start the roll back down to mat. The twist of the hips now starts halfway down the roll down and continues as you reach those ...

  • How To... | Neck Pull

    The Neck Pull is the Older Brother of the Roll Up! Here we have a similar movement pattern but with the added challenge of the hands behind the head. This changes your centre of gravity and makes the move that little more difficult. Add in the forward movement of the Spine Stretch Forward and you...

  • How To... | Jack Knife

    We love the Jack Knife as it starts to build strength in the inverted position. You’ll see the basics of this move in so many other exercises in the system. So best learn how to do this properly if you want to super advance your practise. Remember to learn the Roll Over first before attempting th...