How To... | Tutorial Series

How To... | Tutorial Series

18 Episodes

These tutorials are your go to place for learning all your exercises. Amy takes you through all 34 exercises and shows you the best techniques to use to make your practise safe and fun.

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How To... | Tutorial Series
  • How To... | Hundred

    Episode 1

    THE HUNDRED is your very first Classical Pilates move and its going to challenge you straight away. It’s here to warm you up, get the blood flowing as well as working those abs! You’ve got to pump those arms 100 times and if you can keep those legs low even better. Amy show you some modifications...

  • How To... | Roll Up

    Episode 2

    THE ROLL UP has it all! It's going to strengthen your abdominals throughout its movement as well as get into those tight spots in your body from your back to your hamstrings! It’s a full body stretch and strength move! It might be one of those exercises that’s a bit tough for you to start with so...

  • How To... | One Leg Circle

    Episode 3

    THE ONE LEG CIRCLE has all the features of a great challenge! First we have to learn how to lift the leg from the floor whilst making it feel light and keeping it straight! Then we have to keep those hips steady as we circle the leg over and around the body. Whether you have tight hamstrings or n...

  • How To... | Single Leg Pull

    Episode 4

    You are going to love the abdominal series and its challenge on those abs. Here we take you through the first move of the series of 5. It's going to make your abdominals work and teach you how to hold those arms and legs from that strong centre. Remember we want the middle to be working hard so t...

  • How To... | Double Leg Pull

    Episode 5

    The second in your abdominal series – the DOUBLE LEG PULL is a challenging exercise that’s going to strengthen those abs and stretch the entire backline of your body. You are going to have to learn to hold your head and legs up from that strong centre as we deepen the connection to your abs! Reac...

  • How To... | Spine Stretch Forward

    Episode 6

    Treat yourself to a nice stretch in the SPINE STRETCH FORWARD. This seated exercise will test your hamstring flexibility as well as stretch those back muscles out. To really get the benefit of the stretch you are going to have to scoop those stomach muscles up to lift away from your hips. Then yo...

  • How To... | Saw

    Episode 7

    This breathing exercise will have you twisting and stretching that spine in all directions. You will have to sit tall out of those hips as you twist and reach over towards those toes. It's all about that lift in the abs again to get the most out of your spine rotation. Try and blow all the air ou...

  • How To... | Swan Prep

    Episode 8

    Keep it long with the SWAN PREP! Our first extension exercise really shows up your tight spots in the back and where we need to learn to relax in order to bend! We all love the feeling of bending and here we learn to do it safely. Extension is going to pop up throughout your beginner, intermediat...

  • How To... | Shoulder Bridge Prep

    Episode 9

    Learn the SHOULDER BRIDGE PREP and how it can get your spine feeling long and lengthened in a few easy repetitions. This beginner exercise is perfect for stiff lower backs and tight spines. Do this exercise every day and you will soon feel more supple. You’ll find this move in most of our beginne...

  • How To... | Side Kick Series

    Episode 10

    Let's get those legs longer and more toned with these SIDE KICK Series of moves. Use this video to learn where you should be moving those legs from to feel lighter and longer whilst also benefiting from toning that waist. Try not to wobble as we move the leg up, down and around trying to knock yo...

  • How To... | Swimming

    Episode 11

    Lift the spine and swim away in this how to of the SWIMMING exercise. We will teach you how to extend and lengthen the spine in a safe and flexible way. When you learn to reach those arms and legs out from the back you will be amazed with the amount of lift you can find! A perfect place to streng...

  • How To... | Seal

    Episode 12

    The SEAL is here to challenge you as the final exercise in your beginner matwork. It's another rolling move but with the added challenge of those seal claps; 3 at the front and 3 at the balance! It's going to give you a nice massage on the spine as well as opening up and stretching those hips. So...

  • How To... | Scissors

    Episode 13

    Let’s add some more challenge to your ABDOMINAL SERIES with the SCISSORS. You should be well acquainted with the first 2 exercises now so we can add in the scissors to work those core muscles more! You are going to get a good stretch of those legs as you push and pull them towards you and when yo...

  • How To... | Double Leg Lower Lift

    Episode 14

    The DOUBLE LEG LOWER LIFT is going to challenge you no matter if you are a beginner or advanced Pilates pro! Lowering both legs to the floor and then having to lift them whilst keeping your back long and stomach strong is the challenge here. Get the technique right on this one however and you can...

  • How To... | Open Leg Rocker

    Episode 15

    The OPEN LEG ROCKER is going to throw you off balance as we try and stretch those legs and open up the lower back. This is definitely a tricky one for those of you with tight hamstrings. Don’t be surprised if you end up rolling around on your mat the first couple of times you try this one. But it...

  • How To... | Rolling Like a Ball

    Episode 16

    Learn ROLLING LIKE A BALL and realise how good it can feel on your tight back muscles. This exercise is going to stretch the lower and upper back whilst strengthening the abdominals. It's much tougher than it looks especially if you have a tight back but keep going as it is so good for you! It's ...

  • How To... | Corkscrew One

    Episode 17

    Time to challenge those obliques in the CORKSCREW as we start to build up more strength. This exercise requires much more control and strength so make sure you have been practising the One Leg Circle and the Double leg lower lift. This corkscrew goes places in the intermediate and advanced work s...

  • How To... | Spine Twist

    Episode 18

    Sit up tall as we twist into the spine with the SPINE TWIST! The challenge in this exercise is to keep those legs together, site up tall and twist with energy. It’s a great one for opening up the back and gaining flexibility in your spine. Keep reaching through the arms and legs to get your two w...