Check out our Monthly Update series to find out whats been going on at the EPTv studios and hear your questions answered by Amy! For those of you interested in our workouts we have provided a few taster sesions to try out for free :-)

  • EPTv Monthly Update

    1 season

    Check in with Amy for the latest News, Features and Info. Plus, Amy reads your comments and provides some useful feedback :-)

  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.1

    Time to get back to the mat and start moving with our Fundamentals no.1. We are starting from the very beginning with the fundamental movement patterns. Let's reconnect to how we move our bodies. We are going to learn how to engage the core muscles properly and how we use them to move better. Per...

  • Do it in 10 | Intermediate Flow No.1

    Here we go with the first of your Do It in 10 Intermediate Flow. You may find we move a little quicker now as we add in some of those new moves. Lets extend today with the swan prep and the single leg kick - it feels great on your hips and back. We’ll add the Thigh Stretch in today to strengthen ...

  • Quick 5 | Basics No.1

    Let's move through this Quick 5 and discover what it's like to do those first few moves back to back. You’ll notice how well they flow together but with a nice pace you will definitely get a challenge! What an awesome way to warm up the body as well – a great intro to any of our Do it in 10 class...

  • Weekly Workout | Beginner Flow No.1

    We’ve got a little more time now to take you through this WEEKLY workout. You’ll get the benefit of doing all of those beginner exercises in a full class. Amy will give you a few more tricks in class to help you understand the exercises more as you flow through and as always throw a few little te...