Do It In 10 | Intermediate Series

Do It In 10 | Intermediate Series

2 Episodes

When you have finished your basic series and are ready to move up a level, we have this Intermediate series for you. Make sure you have learnt the exercises in the tutorials and gone through your Quick 5 Intermediate series to get the most out of your Do It In 10! Combine with your Daily workouts to add a challenge!

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Do It In 10 | Intermediate Series
  • Do it in 10 | Intermediate Flow No.1

    Episode 1

    Here we go with the first of your Do It in 10 Intermediate Flow. You may find we move a little quicker now as we add in some of those new moves. Lets extend today with the swan prep and the single leg kick - it feels great on your hips and back. We’ll add the Thigh Stretch in today to strengthen ...

  • Do It In 10 | Intermediate Flow No.2

    Episode 2

    We’ve got ten minutes to gain control of these exercises and move move move! This Do it in 10 is all about the moving your spine well as we warm up with the hundred, the roll up and the single leg circle. We’ll keep the ab series short today so we can work on the open leg rocker and corkscrew. We...