Do It In 10 | Basics Series

Do It In 10 | Basics Series

7 Episodes

This Do it in 10 Basic Series is your prefect starting point to get to know all the basic moves and to start to create that habit of getting Pilates in your body! Combine this series with your daily workouts to build up your Pilates Strength!

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Do It In 10 | Basics Series
  • Do It In 10 | Fundamentals

    Episode 1

    You have got to learn these fundamental movement patterns to discover the genius of Classical Pilates! Throughout your exercises you will discover the same shapes and movements repeating in all the moves on the mat. Here Amy will take you through these moves and make sure you are doing and moving...

  • Do It In 10 | Beginner Flow No.1

    Episode 2

    Let's put those moves to the test in your first Do It In 10 – Beginner Flow 1. You should already of checked out those how to’s and feel ready to join in and get your body moving. We are going to warm you up with THE HUNDRED and then get that stretch and strength connecting in with THE ROLL UP. ...

  • Do It In 10 | Beginner Flow No.2

    Episode 3

    We are started with those first few moves on the mat for your Do It In 10 BEGINNER FLOW No.2. You will warm up those abdominals with THE HUNDRED, ROLL UP and the first TWO exercises in your ab series. That should get you nice and warm for stretchy second half with all the S’s, the SPINE STRETCH F...

  • Do It In 10 | Beginner Flow No.3

    Episode 4

    Are you ready to add all the Abdominal Series into your DO IT IN 10? This will really build up your strength and stamina as we get ready to look at connecting them all together. Remember it's all about how you lift the head and keep those abs, arms and legs all working together! We also start to...

  • Do It In 10 | Beginner Flow No.4

    Episode 5

    Time to get warmed up and get the flow on with this do it in 10! Join Amy as she teaches Kerry a fast-paced beginner flow. Warming up with the roll up and rolling like a ball before heading into the ab series is a fun and challenging way to keep moving. Amy has then added in the side kick series ...

  • Do It In 10 | Beginner Flow No.5

    Episode 6

    Ready for the Beginner Flow 5? This is going to be a sweaty one as we get a little quicker with more exercises. We know you have been practising your How To’s and now it's time to put them all into action! The hundred and roll up are going to warm you up ready for that abdominal series. We will t...

  • Do It In 10 | Beginner Flow No.6

    Episode 7

    The final Do It in 10 of the Beginner Flow series is here with a fast-paced session designed to challenge your lower body. Once we have done the Hundred and Roll Up we go straight into the Shoulder bridge to open up the hips and strengthen the glutes. Follow this up with the side kick series and ...