Do It In 10 | Advanced Series

Do It In 10 | Advanced Series

6 Episodes

When you have finished your intermediate series and are ready to move up a level, we have this advanced series for you. Make sure you have learnt the exercises in the tutorials and gone through your Quick 5 advanced series to get the most out of your Do It In 10! Combine with your daily workouts to add a challenge!

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Do It In 10 | Advanced Series
  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.1

    Episode 1

    Here we go with the first of our Do it in 10 Advanced Flow! You should be familiar with all the advanced moves before trying this workout as the pace will be quicker and the moves require more strength and stamina. We’ve got the hundred, Roll up and rollovers for you before we challenge the spine...

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.2

    Episode 2

    This fun flowy session is going to keep you moving and rolling all the way through! I’ve got ROLL OVERs, OPEN LEG ROCKERs and CORKSCREWs fun for you. These will keep your energy up as we head into all the lovely extension exercises of the SWAN, SINGLE LEG KICK and DOUBLE LEG KICK. We will finish ...

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.3

    Episode 3

    We’ve been building up to this moment for a long time now and finally we get to add the SWAN DIVE into your workout! Remember to keep the back long and REACH, REACH, REACH out of those arms to create that amazing long stretch! I can’t wait to hear how you all fly in this move! We finish the worko...

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.4

    Episode 4

    We’ve got lots of new exercises to add into this Advanced Flow workout! All of these exercises are going to require more strength in the shoulders, hips and abdominals. I hope you are ready to feel the pace pick up and the challenge! We are adding the KNEELING SIDE KICK SERIES and the SIDE BEND f...

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.5

    Episode 5

    Get ready for all the fun in today's session as we add the NECK PULL before we SIDE KICK! This is an amazing little flow before we head into the TEASERS. I’ve then added a quick set of HIP CIRCLES to keep you challenged before finishing with the CONTROL BALANCE. Wow what a workout! You’ll be sure...

  • Do It In 10 | Advanced Flow No.6

    Episode 6

    Are you ready for the challenge? I have packed this 10 minutes with a ton of moves for you. You are going to extend and bend and feel those abs working all the way through. Be prepared to sweat as you keep up with Kerry. This fun and flowy workout is the perfect end to the series to see how far y...