Daily Workout | Basics Series

Daily Workout | Basics Series

4 Episodes

Set your day of the week and get ready for your daily workout and our basic series. This is a full class series where you will be putting all those beginner exercises into action. Try this workout at least once a week and combine with a Do It In 10 for more challenge!

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Daily Workout | Basics Series
  • Daily Workout | Basics No.1

    Episode 1

    Let's do it with a Daily workout BASICS 1. We can’t wait to put all the exercises together and take you through this first session. We will start with those first three exercises THE HUNDRED, ROLL UP and ONE LEG CIRCLE. This will get your brain and body thinking as we move into the first 2 moves ...

  • Daily Workout | Basics No.2

    Episode 2

    Here we go with a DAILY WORKOUT. A great basic workout taking you through all the beginner exercises. BASICS No.2 brings you all the exercises in your beginner matwork and puts them together in a great flowy workout. We will start with the hundred as always and move and flow through the session. ...

  • Daily Workout | Basics No.3

    Episode 3

    Amy has a MODIFIED DAILY WORKOUT for you today. We will work through all the beginner exercises with a real focus on breaking the exercises down into slightly easier or even sometimes harder versions. Amy will talk you through the modifications as we flow from the hundred all the way to the ab se...

  • Daily Workout | Basics No.4

    Episode 4

    Here we go with a DAILY WORKOUT. In this week’s session we focus on getting a stretch going as we flow through the workout. Amy will teach you how to find a stretch in every exercise from the roll up to the spine stretch forward and all the way through to the side kick series. Find a different fe...