Back In Shape | Intermediate Series

Back In Shape | Intermediate Series

6 Episodes

You’ve made it through the Fundamentals and basics in our back in shape series and now we move up to the Intermediate series! Be prepared for more abdominal strengthening and stretching. And it's time to start to introduce lifting the hips from the floor in our more challenging exercises. You will need everything you have learnt so far to help with these new moves. Enjoy the challenge!

Amy x

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Back In Shape | Intermediate Series
  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.1

    Episode 1

    Get ready for the added challenge as we introduce the Intermediate exercises. In today's session we add the DOUBLE LEG LOWER LIFT and the CRISS CROSS to complete the ABDOMINAL SERIES. This really focuses you into feeling those abs in every move. I’ve added in more extension exercises with the SIN...

  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.2

    Episode 2

    Are you ready to start to lift those hips off the mat? I am going to introduce the CORKSCREW TWO today which involves a small lift of the hips. It means a whole new connection and challenge to the body!

    I’m also going to have some fun with the OPEN LEG ROCKER as we go for the full movement tod...

  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.3

    Episode 3

    Here we go with the ROLL OVER today! I love this exercise as it helps to strengthen and lengthen the entire body. It is one of the next challenges for us in our Pilates practise and leads us into more advanced exercises. Not always easy to get the lift to start with but keep your connections stro...

  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.4

    Episode 4

    I know you love Teasers so today’s session is all about breaking down the teaser and having some fun! We will do the full Teaser Three, Teaser One and Teaser One Leg. Let's see if we can work from the right place to make it a little easier …. or harder depending on the challenge!

    Amy x

    Rib Ca...

  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.5

    Episode 5

    The Mermaid comes towards the end of today's session and is designed to stretch the sides of the body. It feels great as you get that stretch from hip to ribs. Like all exercises if you are tight in your hips and back it maybe a little challenging to get into the position. But I promise it will b...

  • Back In Shape | Intermediate No.6

    Episode 6

    We made it to the final video in your Back In Shape | Intermediate Series! In today's session we will flow through all the intermediate exercises, the ROLL OVER, CORKSCREW TWO, OPEN LEG ROCKER and the MERMAID. I’ve also added a variation for your transition to get into your Teaser. So, enjoy the ...