Back In Shape | Fundamentals Series

Back In Shape | Fundamentals Series

6 Episodes

We’ve got a Back in shape series where I'll take you to the mat every week for a 20min workout. I’m starting from the very beginning with our fundamental movements and building our way up through the basics to intermediate and eventually onto our advanced exercises. I need to get back in shape after 2 babies and not much moving. I'll be tracking my weekly progress over the next 6 months so let's see how strong we can get together.

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Back In Shape | Fundamentals Series
  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.1

    Episode 1

    Time to get back to the mat and start moving with our Fundamentals no.1. We are starting from the very beginning with the fundamental movement patterns. Let's reconnect to how we move our bodies. We are going to learn how to engage the core muscles properly and how we use them to move better. Per...

  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.2

    Episode 2

    Time to take those fundamental movements patterns and apply them to a few of the exercises today. Let's see how the HUNDRED, ROLL UP and ONE LEG CIRCLE feel as we focus on deepening our connection to the core and moving from that strong centre. Just because it is slow and precise doesn’t make it ...

  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.3

    Episode 3

    It’s Week 3 in our Back in Shape Series and you should now be working out 2 or 3 times a week. I know I'm loving getting moving again. The movements should be getting a little easier now that you’ve added Pilates into your routine. In this week's workout we will add in the SIDE KICK SERIES to beg...

  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.4

    Episode 4

    Its Week 4 in our Back in Shape Series and I'm loving the regular workouts! In this week's session we add a modified version of the corkscrew and you will see how I needed to change it in the moment to make it feel good for my workout. Remember to listen to how your body is feeling and modify whe...

  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.5

    Episode 5

    Here we go with a flow inspired Back in Shape workout. This week I add in a SINGLE LEG PULL variation. This is a challenge for anyone whether you are new to the series or getting back into Pilates like me. So don’t worry if it feels hard – it is! You should be feeling a difference in your practis...

  • Back In Shape | Fundamentals No.6

    Episode 6

    What a great 6 weeks we’ve had with our Back In Shape Fundamentals series. In today's workout we add in another of the abdominal series. The DOUBLE LEG PULL will help build more strength and stamina. I love the challenge of this exercise – it really sums up what we need in our Pilates practise. I...