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Welcome to Everybody Pilates TV! Your home for exclusive Classical Pilates video content.
Our aim, as with all our studios, is to expand our community of beautiful Classical Pilates lovers and help you on your journey!
We will provide exclusive weekly video content just for you.
Amy, 2nd Gen Master Trainer, has studied and taught Classical Pilates for over 15yrs. Studying with Pilates Elder Jay Grimes - who was taught by Joseph Pilates himself!
Amy has taught thousands of wonderful clients from beginner to advanced, and now it is time to bring the Classical Pilates knowledge to you.
Check out Amy’s carefully curated playlists for all levels of Pilates:
How to Tutorials – Bitesize tutorial videos.
Quick 5 – Short 5min workouts for those in a hurry.
Do It In 10 – Great 10min combination workouts. Try 2 back to back!
We hope you have fun because we LOVE making the content!
See you soon. Amy. X
As always please be safe when exercising whether you are new or seasoned. Listen to your body and always consult your doctor should you have any concerns. Our videos are for educational purposes only and therefore performed at your own risk.